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Unfortunately, in the modern world the problem of erectile dysfunction is becoming more common and more and more young people are forced to turn to the Internet to search for answers on this delicate subject. The modern pace of life, malnutrition and psychological stress, as well as radiation, certain professions often lead to unpleasant changes in the lives of young people. Faced with this problem for the first time, no need to panic! Erectile dysfunction affects more than half of U.S. residents aged 35 years.. and trust me, they're good live and have learned to cope with it. There are many ways of dealing with erectile dysfunction! The most popular of these drugs, such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. But the problem is that they cost a lot of money and they are difficult to buy because of U.S. laws.. the fact that in order to buy tablets for erection you need prescription from a physician.. you will have to pay, and to get on reception to the doctor you also need to pay.. in this case you will be prescribed medicines from an expensive brand at a very high price... This is the first release, pay, get a result.. But there is one problem - will have to pay a lot and often.. there is another way.. is to buy generic, it does not require a prescription because you can buy it from abroad via the Internet, and there are generics of viagra, cialis and levitra are much cheaper.. So what is generics and why it is so cheap? why they are not sold in pharmacies? In this we try to understand.

First, that's not generic is cheap, it's Brand Drugs are expensive.. In the brand value of the mortgaged money spent by the manufacturer to develop, patent, advertising campaign of the drug and other costs. I do not need to explain how expensive it is to invent a drug that would be better than a competitor, to pay all of his tests and research and bring it to the shelves of pharmacies all over the world. After all these procedures, the manufacturer of a drug receives a patent for the production of the drug. But when the effect of the drug ends, other companies can also produce these drugs and they do not need to spend money on development, research, advertising and so on... So the generic drugs are several times, however, they are completely identical expensive preparations on the composition and action. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with the generics, they can save you money on buying expensive drugs.


A generic drug is a pharmaceutical drug that is equivalent to a brand-name product in dosage, strength, route of administration, quality, performance, and intended use. The term may also refer to any drug marketed under its chemical name without advertising, or to the chemical makeup of a drug rather than the brand name under which the drug is sold. Wikipedia


Remember: Quality Generic Medications is best way to save your money!


Don't believe? Read about it in Wikipedia, so I know she can be trusted!

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